Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1. By preserving biodiversity locally, places like Bangladesh and India can have less deadly floods. Less deaths will occur all over because trees and forests can provide protection during natural disasters, so if they are preserved they can save lives. We can keep the impact and force of natural disasters down to a bare minimum or a normal level at the least. Also, the economy will not be drained from costs of a drained ecosystem.

2. Habitat destruction and loss of species affect more than just one area because when we destroy a habitat where an important organism lives we lose any possible medicinal value from them. Also, in an extreme case if we lose all the trees there will be no oxygen and humans can't survive without oxygen. Also if one species/habitat depends on another and it is destroyed, then all of them will eventually be destructed, therefore affecting more than one place.

3. Preserving biodiversity enhances the life of people because we can keep organisms such as the Tropical Cone Snail and receive medicinal benefits from them. We can save the lives of people who have diseases that are yet to find a cure. Also, human lives can be enhanced by not feeling pain if scientists are able to properly execute Prialt, which uses ingredients from organisms, which will be a lot more effective then morphine.

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