Monday, August 30, 2010

   1.) What caused the toxic waste to begin being pushed to the surface?
   2.) What are some of the health hazards associated with the chemicals dumped there?
   3.) Besides humans how are other parts of the ecosystem affected by This?

The winter of 1977 brought blizzards that filled up the canal. After that came spring and a lot of rain. So all the water was forced under the canal, causing the chemicals to ooze out. Some health hazards associated with the chemicals dumped there could be things like death, liver and stomach problems, diabetes, damaged immune systems, and nervous system problems. Not just humans can be affected by the chemical waste, the ecosystem is damaged as well. If these chemicals are toxic, then they are not good for anyone/thing. First off, they can kill the animals, and sometimes some chemicals have worse effects on animals than humans. Dioxin can cause cancer, death, and other horrible things to animals. The waste can also kill plants, and if an animal then eats that plant, it will die as well. Also the chemicals can cause soil contamination, air pollution, and water pollution.

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